Sunday, June 26, 2005


I watched you, little flower,
From the time your first seed was planted
And the very first shoots, of your life
Sprouted out before my feet

I watched you, little flower,
As those tiny sprouts, began to unfurl
And the first tiny leaves of independance
Began to grow

I watched you, little flower,
Throughout all of your steps...
And the time of your growth...
the spikes and thorns along the way

And I held you little flower,
When you cried, and laughed
When you played, and loved
And as your world began to crumble

I encouraged you little flower,
To find hope in darkness...
And new growth through your loss
encouraged your strength, your heart, mind and soul

I protected you little flower,
As best that I could, throught the storm
And loved you with all my heart
Offering calm, unconditional shelter from the rain

And now little flower, just as you are starting to blossom,
The time has come...for you to move on....
And I will only glimpse, tiny pieces...
As your blossom grows through youth and beyond

But I know, little flower, that the time has come
And this is right, and the soil,
In your new home,

far more fertile then I could provide

And this is right, little flower,
It is time, for you to live again...
And so, instead of goodbye...
Until we meet again


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