Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Inside a swirling chaos
Wastelands never change
Winds howling frustration
And the Rains torrential,
Thrashing out the pain

You tell me I am not damned
Punishment cast eternal,
Laid out and sentenced,
Long ago,
Before History
Even Began.

Reinforced, thru sheer Rebellion
In each and every age of man.

You tell me I am not damned,
For my sins, original and many thereafter,
As I sit
Here and Now
In this place of Lost Souls, los lobos,
Where they pull and they scream,
And they suck and they feed
And they beg and they plead
And they drain eternally they warmth
Of your heart fire.
And the only respite, comes in the middle of night,
When the cries, of our mighty earth mother,
Become so loud as to drown the noise, of the dead and forgotten.

Explain to me again,
How it is I have not been
When for company
Are an unsaitable hunger,
Which is only made worse,
With unquenchable thirst,
And nothing ofcourse, left to drink
But the Ashes.
Ashes of love, and all that once was
In the bittersweet foolishness
of naive youth, and their faith, and trust
In promises once made of adoration
and protection, where were you?

Tell me then, is it normal?
To be able to look so deep into a mans soul?
So deep as to see past, all of the pretty theatrics,
All of the light and the life,
And down to the place where that man dies.
Decays in front of your eyes.
Do these sound to you the visions of an angel, boy?
For to me, it seems more like dancing with death.

Tell me then childe of light.
Look into my eyes, and you will see Amenti
The Halls, where all souls are judged.
Look to me and shiver, as to them, you are already dead.
They have allready weighed you against their feather.
To them, you are already dead,
Long since decayed, and your sins already accounted

Look into my eyes boy,
and tell me again,
I am an angel,
who has not allready fallen,
and been eternally damned.

Tell me again, this is what it means, to be loved,
and unforgotten, and I too, will chuckle with you

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All of this Pain

All of this pain, all over this site.
My eyes bleed, my heart bleeds, my soul.
Valentines once again.
I honor the dead.
I sit and ponder.
I spend three hours crying.
I have never feltsuch horror, such trauma,
As one single human lifespan.
I wish I didn't think of you and cry.
I wish I didn't think of what once was, and hurt.
I wish I wasn't hollow, anymore

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hollow halls,
Haunting pain.
Emptyness running through the vein.
Colorless, a world, bled dry of purpose.
Of passion,
Of the will to live.
A Victim, victimized,
Again, and over again.
Drained, bereft.
Yet forced to carry on,
Forced to exist.
Starved of love,
Raped in heart.
The haunted shell, of what once was
A Soul, shriveled,
Like a raisin, dried, denied
Of all it ever wants.
Sent to suffer, marching
into eternity,
dust on the wind,
and never,
final rest.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

He rubs his hands gently through her soft hair, brings one finger to glide gently across her cheekbones, and down to trace along her jawline.
The moon is bright, it's irridescent glow surrounding and illuminating the hill and lake to reverberate back across the bed he lay upon.
His Nequee.
His beloved.
And how he had loved her time and time again.
She lifted her lips slowly, parting them, leaning in ever so slightly, looking for his soft kiss, her eyes, rare emerald slits in pale glow.
He responded in kind, kissing her softly at first, gently, then feircer as his passion grew.
She ran her hands up and down his body, the sensation sending ripples through the aethyr.
sending ripples up and down his very spine.
Just her touch.
Her very touch and she controlled him, his every movement, every thought, every motion of mind.
The pain of a thousand centuries rippling to the surface, played between her fingertips, like the sweetest of symphonies.
How he had longed for this touch.
How he had cried.
He was lost, and he wept tears of joy, as she continued to pursue, this soft gentle nuzzling, with her whole body, with her whole soul, fingertips, toes, feet, legs arms, head, lips, chin, cheek, ear.
All of her into softly stroking, softly nuzzling his body,
and he the same as her..
Gods, to be in her arms again, her soft lithe precious body, he traced the pale skin,lost himself in her hair, nuzzling softly, eyes closed, kissing gently, crying profoundly.
Not once did she touch him, sexually, tho he felt her, her firm breasts, the curve of her body.
The parts of her, wich had laid long dead inside him 10,000 years or more.
And inside of him things began to awaken.
Things to which he didn't even know he belonged.
He clung to her tightly, pouring, in this silent, sacred symphony, and moving body and form they had created. A song that only the Angels could hear, and only the Angels could weep and mourn.
Perhaps an hour had passed like this, perhaps two.
With every soft touch a new wave of orgasm rippled through him, on so many divine levels.
Spent so many times he hadn't thought possible.
And trying to see through it all. Trying to see it all through.
When he was done, he lay in her arms and cried still, till long after the sun had risen into morning.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The roses so white, in winter they bloom,
Her lips a dark red, her cherry perfume.
Innocent blood lust all intervined.
A wild thing from the forest,
Parading as tame.
A creature, enticing as any I've seen
Ladies and gentlemen,
Let me introduce
My Queen

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Soft cherry scent,
Moonglow, against fishnet
laughter in the air.
A tiny little collar,
cute the little bell.
And she wriggles just so sweetly
anime eyes
anime blink.

How am I to resist
This cutest of all kittens
How do I say no?
nestled in so softly,
Beside me.
with slight touch,
Cherry scent.
So soft,
So soothing,
So dark,
So content.
So much easier,
isn't it,
just to fall,
into this,

Monday, January 25, 2010

I crave you, his soul sang
and his heart knew.
I have longed you
I don't want to just be you don't you understand
I want to be inside you.
Soft scented velvet,
Caress, so soft,
A master already,
In her youth.
Trying for logic,
but failin the while.
This soft scented youth