Thursday, June 09, 2005

And What Don't I Love?

1. The fact that after Aeons, and Centuries of this love, now you want me to be your old boot, and take away all the tender moments which we once shared, leaving me fizzling away, into nothing and alone, I'd rather be the hidden one again, or nothing, then the cold silence where once your warmth had filled
2. The fact that you no longer hold me, wrap me in those arms, such as once you did
3. The fact that in this little third dimensional world, the mighty god can no longer even stand
4. The fact that I am always having to chide you as a mother to a child, to get your responsibilities done
5. The fact that I am put here, in this position, where a bitch I must become, and you turn from my love, so that I am allowed to express all the things that anger me, but never the ones I love
6. The fact that all I want to focus on, is our love, and the blessings that it brings...when can we go back to that again?
7. The fact that, here, in this mortal world, I bear the brunt of your suffering, instead of your love, the brunt of your disgust, instead of your belief, and the brunt of all your coldness, to watch the warmth pour out to others of our kin...
8. That is all my love, that and nothing more, compared to the hundreds more things I could write in the last can we, go back to love again?


Blogger Duilliath Siondrake said...


You chose the "full Mc'meal" deal, buddie!!!!

6:10 PM  
Blogger Nephilim said...

yes, but the fries became a little old and crusty, a bit leathery I am afraid,
Much like a "boot"
I lost interest, thought I threw those out about four years ago...
yesterday, while cleaning, I noticed they'd "resurfaced"
Where'd I put that broom again?

1:26 AM  

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