Saturday, June 04, 2005

Have you ever longed for me?
Just wanted me, to spend a night beside me...
Lying in each others arms,
Whispering sweet words of Love

Have you ever desired me?
The way one lover desires another...
Deep down inside of them,
To chase away the nightmares

Have you any songs for me?
That play, and remind you softly,
Of the warms times,
When with Loves warmth you are fulfilled

Have you any scents?
Or pictures, or sound, or color,
That make you think of me,
And warm your heart and soul?

Do you ever want me?
To reach out to me, to open up,
To offer me just one warm kiss,
instead of the silence from your lips.

Have you ever written me?
The sweet words of a lovers kiss,
Dreamed of me, Carressed me....
Anything at all?

It is so cold where I am,
This little world of pretend.
Not even your touch for warmth
I want something real.
I am sick of pretend.


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