Thursday, June 09, 2005

100 Things I Love About You

1. Your smile
2. Your laugh
3. The peaceful way that your heart sings, in rare treasured moments of honesty and happiness
4. The warmth, inside your arms.
5. The strength of your aura
6. The amazing amounts of knowledge that you have
7. The shadows, which we slip away into
8. The way you blanket me in those shadows
9. The way you hold and play with your children
10. The patience, understanding and tolerance, with wich you live your life
11. Your strength, both inner and outer
12. The long dark nights, we lay, lost together, and always you were there
13. Your body, made perfectly to fit one such as me
14. The expression of your eyes
15. The way you need no words to convey your meaning
16. The will which carries you forward, each and every day
17. The power, laying dormant inside you
18. The way you weild that power, when you find a need to
19. The control, so subtle, which you weave into the world around you, bending all things, to accomplish your will. Even I lay trapped by it.
20. The fact that lifetime, after lifetime, you find it in you to put up with me!!!!
21. The way you can ground me, and bring me back to myself
22. The way that you hold me, when I am lost and alone
23. The way you can reach inside a person...behold, inside me...possessing me of your love...
24. Your loyalty
25. Your ability to quell the maelstrom, creating a tiny island of peace and reprieve
26. Your desire
27. Your passion
28. The fact that you draw me into surrender again and again and again
29. The way you make love, so tender, so strong, always knowing what I need and how to do it
30. The way you roar
31. The swiftness with which you can overpower me, as no man has ever done
32. The nightime, and the powerful connection between us that occurs
33. The Astral, and the scheadows, the link we share there
34. The magick and the mystery, that surrounds you on all levels
35. How well you seem to know me, anticipating needs even I cannot see
36. The sanctuary of existence, that you can summon from thin air
37. The self-assured air,with which you view the world around you
38. The way you battle, you fight, you weild the power within you, how safe I feel when I lay with you
39. The way that you recognize, that spark of eld, in others of our kind, and work to draw us together
40. The secrets you keep, the things you have seen and known of, yet told no one
41. That sweet blissful kiss
42. The healing that you offer, better then any drug
43. The way, that when I deny you, you work your way through the ones I love, so that always you can be near me, even when my heart is cold.
44. The way I can throw you out, yet still into my home, you break in, to do small things, like some cleaning, or hooking up the tv, fixing the pc, so that I may torment you some more, online
45. The way I can never deny you, never say truly no, get away.
46. The fact that no matter how angry I may be, or you may be, when the fight is over, you just come home, as tho nothing ever many times have I thrown you out to find you'd moved yourself back in and refuse to leave?
47. The so many and varied different aspects of your being, each dwelling in their own existence, each refusing to be held accountable for the others thoughts, words, or actions
48. The way you can take those aspects, and make them one, drawing amazing strength and power from them
49. The way we battle as one being, accomplish as one being, and perform missions as one being
50. The fact that you are the other half of me...that in all things we are one, together, nothing can stop us, and a part, only half of the whole.
51. The way the rest of our soul family, continually confuses us, mixing us one with the other.
52. The infuriating way all of your ex-wives, mistake me for you, in the here and I wind up paying it double for the both of us, while you sit back, smirking with a twinkle in your eye.
53. The freedom that you offer me, never trying to hold me down, always encouraging me to soar, even if it means soaring away from you
54. The tolerance and patience, that blows me away, I could not even begin to comprehend how you do it.
55. The way you put your foot down, when you have had enough
56. The way that you possess me, making me your own
57. The intellect, and wisdom, hidden behind those eyes
58. The fact that even in the midst, of writing all of these wonderful things about you, I have to pause, as you call me from the bath, as tho your very life depended upon me serving you a toast and a coffee
59. The way that when you lack in slaves, here in this day and age, and others before, you look to me to serve...and the way I foolishly fall for it every time.
60. The sense of companionship, of knowing each other from the inside of our beings, from beneath that staircase, and the comfort that comes from that.
61. The way we can sit together, for days and nights on end, never needing to share a single word, yet knowing, more intimately then even lovers can, just what is going on inside the other, and what they are trying to convey.
62. The way we would hunt together, and fulfill our darkest desires together, after the time of the fall
63. The simple understanding, and conjoined movements, with which we accomplish our wills
64. The companionship you offer
65. The comradeship you offer
66. Your stubborness, and your pride
67. The very centuries, that lie between us, and the fact that you are the only one I never lost.
68. Skin riding the same body together
69. The dominant style of sex, only to you can I surrender
70. The fact that when trying, through the sex, you can open me to the very core of my being, as I break, you hold me close, letting that moment of divine light shine
71. The fact that I have offered myself as a platter to you, again and again, and although you drink deeply of me, it is never too much, and always just enough that I may carry on.
72. The fact that nothing, and no one, could ever compare to us and what we have when we are together, making all of my fretting and jealousies for naught
73. The coldness, which you send forth, the viel that blocks all your thoughts, motives and intentions from coming through
74. And alternately the warmth, which suffuses you, and surrounds all in your presence, in the feelings of safety and love, and an openness, known more to me then any other you have touched.
75. The witty remarks, the way you compose yourself, and your speach, each word carefully plotted
76. Your class
77. Your style
78. Your self-assurance
79. Even your doubts
80. The way you dress
81. The way you carry your sword
82. Your ability to use that sword
83. Your rebelliousness, your refusal to conform
84. Your tenderness, the way you can hold me in your arms, with your soul, wrapping your aura around me, drawing my darkness, my coldness, my bitterness away, into a moment of sheer love.
85. The tenderness with which you treat all life around you
86. Your ruthlessness as well
87. Your predatory nature, you know how to get what you want
88. The way you hunt, and slink in the shadows, your ability to manipulate other beings from the deepest depths of their psyche
89. The way your women become putty in your arms
90. The millions of things and private moments, which you would kill me for if I shared or spoke of to any other soul
91. The deep levels of intimacy we have obtained, the fact that I know you more, and you show more of yourself, show your self more wholly, more truly, more deeply and intimately to me over the centuries, then you have any other living soul.
92. Your scent, your smell...from Dully to Gwynn, each in its own distinct flavour, yet melting me away, every time you are around...mmmm I love the way you smell
93. The sound of your voice, the feel of your flesh, and your hair, and your soul, and everything about you....your very vibration
94. The way you can awaken me, from my slumbers in leth, again, and again, and matter how hard I try, to give in, to fade away, to die, to be lost back within the universe's embrace, relinquishing all conscious thought and body, you are always there, egging me on once again
95. Your belief in me, and who and what I am, no matter how dark, or how ugly I have become, you are always there to remind me of the beauty which I hold, and always believing in some greater purpose, to which I serve, some greater thing to which I shall accomplish, even if I have given up on myself
96. Your grace, your skill, your knowingness, the world would lap at your feet, if only you dared present yourself to them
97. The way you work magick, and energy, your ability to just be with a moment, situation, or nothing at all
98. Your addiction to chippies, and macdonalds, and all things horrible created by man
99. Your constructs, your servators, your created tools, and how beautiful they are, your knowledge of the fae, your instructions, all of the things you have taught me how to do, how to control, how to manipulate, and use, and all of the purposes to which you have directed these things
100. Most of all, I love your soul, I love your light, no brighter star, ever was in existence, my love, and I am drawn to you again, and again, in spite of all and everything we have ever been through before with you I am one, and whole again, without you, a mere reflection of all that I am, and for that, I am truly grateful...


Blogger Alexis said...

This is such a lovely compiled list. Lucky man, I say.

I normally hate these "100 Things I Love About You" ideas... they're normally so droll, boring, and insubstantial. This, however, why this is incredible.

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