Thursday, June 09, 2005

Awake! Awake!

I remember, friend, the blood oaths,
And the looking glass...
And the faces raised in pain,
I remember darkness ever-lasting,
And raining the blood yet again,
And again...
And I remember darkness...
Leth's sweet ever-green embrace.

I remeber, friend, a time,
When the ancients were among us, walking,
With Grace.
I remember when our arrogance, outgrew our wingspace,
And then we fell, disgraced.
I remember in our youth, a new god, a one god, Aumgn, Aumgn, Aumgn
And our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, first began to part...

The lands, were so silent then, the hilltops,
The Forest...
It was as if everything had ceased to breathe...

Within Naught, but One, in the evening
And all the worlds did depart...

The City, Fell to Ruin, and all was Naught,
And the ways of Aeld forgotten to man
A Great Veil was hung then and Lo!

The Angel, The sweet, white-haired lady, of electricity,
Of The Forest, Of the Tree, The Safety, The Keeper, of the Land and Law
She fell...She Lay Dying in my arms...

And the Blood of the thousands ran from my feet.

It is craziness, this new world of ours.
Man, and man, and Woman and woman, and nothing of Aeld.
The Once Ways are Lost...

The Voice of the Mother Screams in our psyche, and the drone of the sheep
And the sharp, loud Cackle and Caw of the Raven of Disgust, as yet another
Dictator, raises the call of democracy amongst sheep born for slaughter,
Lost, succumbing their Wills and Souls, their perception and being...
Conforming and conforming and conforming before all.

And CRACK! The whip does scream and the planet streams, and the voices call,
Above the whorl of it all
Awake! Awake!
It is time to Awake, It is time to rise, from all that we despise,
Awake! Awake!
It is time, the call, come back to it all
Awake! Awake!

Disaster, upon Disaster falls upon this man, this sorrowful sorrowful man
Of middle earth
The time, the quickening is arising,
And the Old Ones wake, the earth does stir, and the land does quake
It is Time
Awake! Awake!


Blogger Alexis said...

I happened across your blog in the strangest of ways, but I have to say... your collections of writings here are magnificent.

7:46 AM  

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