Thursday, June 09, 2005

The way is not blocked my friend, your bodkin, your tears...
You come and go as you please....
It is your actions, not your words and your tears,
That leave me feeling this disgrace.
You come. You go.
You claim these things are always based on my words.
I ask for responsibility,
For love.
That you not inflict me with your sicknesses.
Come, go, push, pull.
You are right in these things.
But always they will be there...
Such a day...
As you hold me without a shove,
Love me with more then a muffled word,
And rise as the glorious god that you are....
Hued damask, hiding behind a mortal soul...
Pushing me out, into that drowning, choking world,
That I may deal, with all things, you can not sully your fingers to touch.
Where is the God I have once known?


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