Monday, June 19, 2006

Well it appears I have started off my day in a most peculiar manner...
a crazy old woman
knocking on my door
asking me if everything is ok
She had some weird light in her eyes, and it creeped me out
I have found myself all day long, looking about myself, checking to make sure everything is all right
Much weirdness

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Dark rivers, at midnight
Dark waters, rushing over me
Overhead the moonlight,
Deeper then the eye can see
Swirling chasms,
Soft liquid fluency,
softly washing over me
Take away this rage inside me,
Take away this scorn,
Prayin for rain again
Come wash me free
Prayin for rain again
Washing over, washing over
Washin over me


Whirling round inside...
A Darkness I can't hide
Righteous it may be
Still consuming me
Anger, hate and pride
Driftin down you see
Ain't no where to flee
It grows on the inside
Whisering, screams free
Softness can never be
Across this great divide
Rooting like a tree
Gonna bury me
From the inside
Tearing Outside

Friday, June 16, 2006

Fragments of images caressing my mind
Some are so strong, I fear I'm goin blind...
Whispers of roses and fractures of you...
Theres more then one inside me its true.
Slippin on sonnets, and basking on dreams
Whirlwinds aplenty revolving in themes.
Chaos deprives, in someways it seems
ain't no time for floating rainbows, moon beams
Outside the storm continues to poor,
Sure its been days, perhaps even more.
Lightning crashes, in thunderous skies
Focusing deeper upon hidden lies
Maybe this weather is threatening me
But honey sure seems like ain't nothins free
It's a world gone a stray, the hunger it thrives
Feasting on mandness while sanity dives
I duck my head and continue to hide
Stuck within worlds I cannot abide
Waiting on sunshine to break its way through,
The glory that waits only for you.
Hangin on tightly, to somethin it seems.
Maybe its wrong, only lost dreams

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Waiting (or Raven's attempt at sonnet)

Waiting as the clock rolls tictoc, tic toc
waiting for a sign of you
Waiting as the clock rolls tictoc, tictoc
Only so much time for this its true

Aint meant to be neglectful, oh no
Just really aint much can be done
May not make it again till tomorrow
I can tell by the T_T it aint been much fun

Shadowy Shades
Surrounding my soul last night
Reality fades
or maybe the first time I had it right?

Sorry, sorry, once upon a good night...
playin it back, everythings allright?
You sit and cry,
And I smile softly at you.
You wonder why there is nothing
you can do.
You sit and cry,
And I smile softly at you
It's just that its
all that I can do

Friday, June 09, 2006

Just a friendly reminder that all of the workings here are copywrite Raven, and may not be borrowed, published, or altered without the express permission of said author at any time

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blindfolded in silence,
Darkness surrounds,
White lace touch of the shadows
Gainst naked skin

but a candle flickers softly in the background
Flesh rippled forward,
Soft fingers and hands
laid open, bare
alone and in the dark
Skeletons in dark closets
Insides, more fragile,
then butterfly wings,
dusted with the soft scent
of hidden horizons,
echoing in predawns hue,
and the promise of golden mornings.

Innocence cast,
deeply, here,
soft trusting as the fragile black rose,
opens softly,
tentatively at first,
embracing each stage of the surrender,
sweeter then honey,
and cinnamon breath
to reveal, an inside,
red and tender and raw

In heart beat, and plain view,
Naked, unchained,
yet bound in silence,
before dark angels, cloaked in silence,
cloaked in shadow
Masters of the midnight, and the twilight
Master of the shadow grove.

Bound in devotion,
deep within pure soul

blinding this Psyche,
beneath Eros stare,
which sees, where never hers will go

Alone, with her imagination
and the twilight
Psyche lets herself go....

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Will you still love me when I've fallen?
Cast deep from your view?
Will you still love me when you've seen,
all there is for you to view?
Will you still love me when I've fallen?

I Stand Alone

I stand alone
Through wind and rain and hollow
Forced ice glare and burning fire
sunkin in the earth and decayed and aged
Through sunny days and rainbow displays
Like a rocky cliff,
Sheer, windsept and cradled
Through the worst of storms,
The end of days
I stand alone

Everything I touch is hollow
The closer you get the more you fall
All over me
I stand alone
Through places most men
Dare never go
I stand alone

Friday, June 02, 2006

Cold Bleak dungeons,
tourniquet to the inside, cruel side, frozen as the winter ice can be
Darkness slowly dawning, over distant horizons bleak,
drifting snowstorms, dusty hallows,
whispered daydreams dying dread
Open chasms, wrenched insides, fear confides, the treachery lament
Cold darkened eyes, whispers of whys,
then slowly fade to Black
Across a hollow sea
Voices haunting me, whispering of thee
this hold you have on me, release me set me free
I will no more.