Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Inside a swirling chaos
Wastelands never change
Winds howling frustration
And the Rains torrential,
Thrashing out the pain

You tell me I am not damned
Punishment cast eternal,
Laid out and sentenced,
Long ago,
Before History
Even Began.

Reinforced, thru sheer Rebellion
In each and every age of man.

You tell me I am not damned,
For my sins, original and many thereafter,
As I sit
Here and Now
In this place of Lost Souls, los lobos,
Where they pull and they scream,
And they suck and they feed
And they beg and they plead
And they drain eternally they warmth
Of your heart fire.
And the only respite, comes in the middle of night,
When the cries, of our mighty earth mother,
Become so loud as to drown the noise, of the dead and forgotten.

Explain to me again,
How it is I have not been
When for company
Are an unsaitable hunger,
Which is only made worse,
With unquenchable thirst,
And nothing ofcourse, left to drink
But the Ashes.
Ashes of love, and all that once was
In the bittersweet foolishness
of naive youth, and their faith, and trust
In promises once made of adoration
and protection, where were you?

Tell me then, is it normal?
To be able to look so deep into a mans soul?
So deep as to see past, all of the pretty theatrics,
All of the light and the life,
And down to the place where that man dies.
Decays in front of your eyes.
Do these sound to you the visions of an angel, boy?
For to me, it seems more like dancing with death.

Tell me then childe of light.
Look into my eyes, and you will see Amenti
The Halls, where all souls are judged.
Look to me and shiver, as to them, you are already dead.
They have allready weighed you against their feather.
To them, you are already dead,
Long since decayed, and your sins already accounted

Look into my eyes boy,
and tell me again,
I am an angel,
who has not allready fallen,
and been eternally damned.

Tell me again, this is what it means, to be loved,
and unforgotten, and I too, will chuckle with you


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