Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blindfolded in silence,
Darkness surrounds,
White lace touch of the shadows
Gainst naked skin

but a candle flickers softly in the background
Flesh rippled forward,
Soft fingers and hands
laid open, bare
alone and in the dark
Skeletons in dark closets
Insides, more fragile,
then butterfly wings,
dusted with the soft scent
of hidden horizons,
echoing in predawns hue,
and the promise of golden mornings.

Innocence cast,
deeply, here,
soft trusting as the fragile black rose,
opens softly,
tentatively at first,
embracing each stage of the surrender,
sweeter then honey,
and cinnamon breath
to reveal, an inside,
red and tender and raw

In heart beat, and plain view,
Naked, unchained,
yet bound in silence,
before dark angels, cloaked in silence,
cloaked in shadow
Masters of the midnight, and the twilight
Master of the shadow grove.

Bound in devotion,
deep within pure soul

blinding this Psyche,
beneath Eros stare,
which sees, where never hers will go

Alone, with her imagination
and the twilight
Psyche lets herself go....


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