Friday, June 16, 2006

Fragments of images caressing my mind
Some are so strong, I fear I'm goin blind...
Whispers of roses and fractures of you...
Theres more then one inside me its true.
Slippin on sonnets, and basking on dreams
Whirlwinds aplenty revolving in themes.
Chaos deprives, in someways it seems
ain't no time for floating rainbows, moon beams
Outside the storm continues to poor,
Sure its been days, perhaps even more.
Lightning crashes, in thunderous skies
Focusing deeper upon hidden lies
Maybe this weather is threatening me
But honey sure seems like ain't nothins free
It's a world gone a stray, the hunger it thrives
Feasting on mandness while sanity dives
I duck my head and continue to hide
Stuck within worlds I cannot abide
Waiting on sunshine to break its way through,
The glory that waits only for you.
Hangin on tightly, to somethin it seems.
Maybe its wrong, only lost dreams


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