Friday, June 02, 2006

Cold Bleak dungeons,
tourniquet to the inside, cruel side, frozen as the winter ice can be
Darkness slowly dawning, over distant horizons bleak,
drifting snowstorms, dusty hallows,
whispered daydreams dying dread
Open chasms, wrenched insides, fear confides, the treachery lament
Cold darkened eyes, whispers of whys,
then slowly fade to Black
Across a hollow sea
Voices haunting me, whispering of thee
this hold you have on me, release me set me free
I will no more.


Anonymous SomeRndmGuyFromADream said...

i was just thinking... that sometimes putting your thinks and thoughts and work into the net.. it aint a idea of letting ppl to know.. its a way to just "release" em somehow.. the thoughts and so Or then.. you want ppl to see them.. want to give clues to them how are you doing and getting along.. some of my friends cant talk to anyone . inside themselves they hope that someone reads their blog and gets to know and helps.. maybe?!?
But then again.. if no one comments.. you get the feeling that noone reads em... but it might be a wrong feeling.. totally. ...
darn.. now my thought drifted away..

continues ? ->

5:35 PM  
Blogger Nephilim said...

Oh yes please do^^
some of it is real, some of it is fantasy,
actually no...
It really wasnt about letting ppl know....for the most part...
I actually really didn't expect anyone to read this little blog or care, kinda shocked me the numbers got so high
then kinda creeped me cuz nobody commented, so I was like...o.O
who is looking at me...xD
In truth there are specific messages coded in there, to different members of the soul family, and when they have awakened enough they will know who they are. (some of them already do)
And the blog was originally created for the one who has called to me....for many years...
but I have no idea who they are...
or if they even really exist, I just knew I had to answer somehow, and the internet was prob best.
How else do you answer a shadow, when you've no voice to speak?

haha, and in answer to the last part, there is no help for me my friend, my soul was damned long before this body was born...
and appears, that my feelin was wrong^^xD...

3:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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