Friday, August 05, 2005

My deepest and humblest apologies...

To my very whole self
For not taking the time for me these last few weeks.
As for those of you who check things out around here...
this should explain why I haven't been around.
It has been terribly busy
To busy for fantasies and poetry.

However today I reached my first goal.
The first real and acheivable one I have stepped forward for.
And I reached it

To all seven of you who helped me manifest this weeks goal, I thank you
deeply and kindly,
From the center of my soul.

Manifestation, occurs, when one learns to put one foot in the other.
When one learns just too breathe
This is the lesson of the gateway for the week

Do not forget my friends, this month is a month of deep rooted issues, core issues, surfacing to be faced and dealt with.
Now is the time when you can heal your soul.
Remember not god, nor the devil, nor the angels nor demons created
Remember only you and your very own soul
Remember the divinity within you, for yes,
light or dark you are divine my friend.
You are the divine.


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