Sunday, July 24, 2005

I won a poetry contest....

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Here is my poem:

Shadow Friend

Dark Skies, crimson remorse...
Your blood, runs chillingly throughout my veins,
I look aside, and close my eyes,
Whilst angels weep over thy remains.
In this darkness, to thee, the nights cold flesh
Bonds loosening as the body quivers free...
This simple sacrifice,
So small, alluring, fragile, beautiful misery.
Scented lilacs, surrounding the tattered clothing
Night's whispered breeze upon my face
This hunger, all haloed within
Rises with me the greater your disgrace...
Your haunted eyes, deep rooted fears,
For one all powerful second in time
Tantalizing, overwhelming,
For just this moment, you are mine
Then gone again, in a simple flash
Shadows circle like a cloak,
And there was nothing, left
To remind you, as in the predawn you awoke


Blogger M said...

hey thats fuckin sweet dude

11:01 PM  
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