Sunday, July 17, 2005

Frannies Tones

a child in pain .. a mother scorns .. no sugar cane only weed and thorns ..a child is bad theres no direction just a grin at the imperfection... where parents dont give the help kids need.. they feel ignored a bad seed... where is the love thats suppose to be where is the fruit dead is the tree alone is me

an emptiness within you mind a hunger in your hearta thirst within your very soula yearn for some thing more its desolate and frightening its enough to drive you in sane its just a want for someone there so you can share your pain

my friends are calling from far beyond... its there i know i belong.. will they welcome me again.. we they all still call me friend..i can feel there touch its cold as ice ..something inside says ohh how nice ..ttake me back to my safe haven ..give me back my little roomwhere life meant nothing there was no pain....where each day was just the same how i long to go back home inside my room all alon

This is my friend Frannies poetry..
Frannie is a wonderful kindred soul, who seems to really stem from my homelands, some place hidden and deep within my soul.
Places most people dare not to go.
It is nice
In all of the years of feeling misunderstood, and like an outcast, She is the first person who seems to really see life the way I do. Not that that way is right or anything.
It is horrible and miserable and a wasteland if you ask me.
That is not the point.
The point is........maybe I am not just a little too crazy...haha

Whatever, it is not difficult to find the ppl who come from where I do, it is very rare to find someone who understands.
Frannie, you are a brave and noble angel, I have thought that from the very first time I heard your story.
I am grateful.


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