Sunday, March 25, 2007

Turn the lights down low,
Feelin a draft
Shifting in shadows,
Of broken glass.

Brings me back to you.
And the choices we made...
Think I hear hoof beats,
Here comes the rain...
Is it really out there...
Or am I just insanse.
Something not right,
About this day.
Something not right,
No Matter What we say.

Here comes the shaking now,
How long does it last?
Pull it together, Lord I don't know how.

Woke up this morning,
Was a beautiful day.
Just like the mornin,
When you passed away

Did I mention the glass?

Cuz it's slipping around, inside my mind
Breaching the Surface
Like empty clock work bound with time

Finer then glass

Was such a beautiful morning that day

Ice laced in lightning
A million shards
Cutting up to the surface
Shards of Glass.

Ain't gonna recover
And it ain't gonna fade
Just all becomes, a
another Masquerade
Hello Today

Cracks in the Surface

A little bird came calling that day
The son was in danger to great to stray
Lost one for the other,
In my own way.
We all face the truths
of the choices we made.
Her Soft Voice Calling

Don't you step on the Surface
It's Breaking the Glass

Breaking the Surface


Didn't come here to lecture
Definetly not to pray
Just came by
To Thank You
In my own way.
Oh Little Sparrow
Happy Birthday


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