Friday, December 01, 2006

ok it's been a while...
I think it is time for a good long ramble....

Red Fridays
Upon Recieving this email for a third time in three days, I decided to pay some attention to it. It is the story of a fallen Canadian and his voyage home, another victim in Bush's war...
It is a plea to Canadians to wear red on fridays to show we are proud to be a Canadian and support our soilders who are out there dying so we can live the way we do now.
Generally speaking it touches the heart strings, and sounds a good cause.
Problem is, I am having difficulty believing in Canada these days, and I know I don't believe in this war.
I don't believe Canada has any place in it, I believe we should return to being a peace keeping nation, and I would like to see fellow Canadians wake up.
I feel that we are making a wrongful and horrible sacrifice of those we send off to fight in this war, I believe that fear and propaganda have come a good way into winning North America completely away from any sort of democratic or free nation, and I feel that we as Canadians are a good deal better of people then we have been presenting.
Unfortunately it seems we as Canadians are also a whole lot better at being lazy, and passing the buck, then in behaving like the proud free men and women we are...
Wear Red on Fridays, to show our soilders how sorry we are they ever even got drawn into this war.


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