Monday, May 15, 2006

A Mother's Love
So soft and delicate,
morning sunrise, dew drip roses
Faintly smiling down
Upon a summers dawn.
Against slumbered forms, slumped quietly.
Poetic in their shape and size, and the innocent irony..
Which plays softly, against a flurry of activity flooded behind lidded eyes.

A Mother's Love
Always rememered
Deep down inside,
Before the heart races, and the mind clouds,
With all of her failures and let she frantically tries
Desperate to remember, each, tiny detail, of where she has come....
Sometimes distant, as in winter...
Sometimes Bitter...
Sometimes reminding you, when you need find the strength alone
Always encouraging, believe, in yourself...and allways there to remind you...

Of a Mother's love, so deeply connected, no matter how small
Or how far, be it time and space and distance...
To each child, she grants, a small piece of her soul..
Reflected across the universe, like light waves, and stars,
With which she carries, each tiny scrape, each little fall, in sacred sacrifice....
To bear with you, to feel your losses and joys, to take your pain,
And let it be hers, instead, to take your sickness....
To give you long life, good health

A Mothers Love
Needs be strong, silent, daring, courageous, alone and can never
Let go, not be udone.
Not death can seperate nor time can part...nor are you ever alone,
For when that part of us, which is human and mortal and forgetful
Falls asleep, That which is unconditional, is only that much more
Free, to hover over, and watch, and guide, and support
If only, just pease remember...
How I taught you to call^^


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