Monday, April 10, 2006

Look at me go!
I ignore this thing forever, and then all of a sudden, a bizzillion posts all in a row...
Don't worry, have faith, I'll be ignoring this little site again real soon.
Some day my video game is gonna come back on, and all will be well againXD
Yes, so forgive the compulsive blogging, as you see, all my distractions seem to have faded away this weekend, and somehow or another, I found myself left with countless hours on my own;)
Twas all good tho, after a weekend like the one I had some time to myself was muchly appreciated. Aside from which, I'm about due for a good rant anyway...
And mother of the year award goes too....
Not me.
After a wonderful Saturday at the beach, first picnic out, daughter decides to wander away from me while going around a building, I find her a block away, with some strangers, and ofcourse, cops on the way. Took her what? 30 seconds?!
Go figure.
Who knows what the end result of that was.
Add to it, the $$$ in grocieries I woke up to on Sunday morning spread all across my house.
This little tasmanian devil, I tell you! (let's not forget the aid of her sister)
She needs duck tape.
So ofcourse, I freak out absolutely, and the end result was a spanking in front of the cop(to husbands dismay), a day in the corner, and another with no food.
Made them go from breakfast to supper without! (I've tried everything else)
During supper we ofcourse discussed children in Ethiopia and Africa who had none, and everyone made a solomn promise not to do this again...
(ofcourse, it is now 2am, and the loaf of bred, I just noticed, is gone)
Do parents ever win?
Gee I'm sorry mum!
That's about all I can say to that.
Ah well, I went into this weekend feelin a little off gaurd, things in my head needing sorted out...
I end it, feelin, well, all alone in never never land....I mean like, man, no one I talk to is around!!!
That's it, put my video game back online!!!
Can't you see I have no life without you....
*Cries aloud
Anyway friends, hope all is well.


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