Monday, April 03, 2006

1000 YAYYY!!!

Wow! Guys!
Over 1000 visitors to my lonely little website!
I feel all special and important! Why don't some of you viewers drop me a comment here and there? Tell me what you think of this place...
Any way enough of the happy...
I have some sad news...
I broke a boys heart last night, and have been feeling rather bad about it...
So, seeing as to how I know you have been on here... I would like to make a very public apology!
Dragonis, you are an absolutely wonderful, charming and enchanting person...I am delighted to know you!
You did not deserve what I did to you, nor did I mean for to hurt you...I like you alot you know.
I can not say this enough.
I am very sorry!!!!


Anonymous Kage( かげ ) said...

" 花を欺く美人 "

thank you.. ;)

5:59 AM  
Blogger Nephilim said...

Hello Kage,
Welcome to my blogspace :)

12:22 AM  

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