Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Homeland Security

so I made it through homeland security
The great enemy...
The much propagandaized.

In the states I learnt much
It was an amazing discovery, full of epiphany.
I took the time to seek out a bit about socioeconomic policy,
And to understand the thought process behind being herded like blind sheep
Neither caring, nor paying much attention to what is going on around you.

What I discovered was...
Once you are inside it doesn't much seem all around you.
People are just living their lives and standing up for their ideals, and although I did not test the idea amongst the local police force, In all practicality most people think of Bush as a joke.
But the airport in seatlle is something right out of Brave new world...
First of all, when going through customs, I was passed down the "special corder" with numerous gaurds watching your whereabouts....
While you are filed like cattle through many corridors...

There they check your id, and you go into line ups dependant roughly on where you are from...
When I said Canada I was escorted to the nearest...
At all of these pit stops as soon as the line ups grow to long more and more windows open up
From there you are passed through another doorway, through more gaurds and gaurd stations...
Where you are sent to baggage claim, to pick up your luggage, and then low and behold, more gaurds.
It was here I was picked off by a number of more gaurds...
Ilook up as they loom in around me...and give a little gasp to meet Homeland Security Eye to Eye
Who asked if they could go through my baggage, and led down a hallway to more gaurds in a little bullet-proof room.
Up until this point Iwas maintaining that I was going to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Pheonix Arizona.
This just led to even more confusion, as apparently Scottsdale Arizon is considered a different city then Pheonix, you see at a certain point along the block there is a sign which states so...right in between two houses actually
Welcome to Phoenix
Welcome to Scottsdale
Next wrench, my ticket is not purchased by said Uncle but instead by his boss.
This to them is highly irregular.
Even more so when I cannot remember the name of Uncle's boss.
Just bosses wife, my client.

Not too mention that at this point they open my backpack.
'Mam, I thought you said you didn't bring with you any agriculture...'
'I didn't'
'What would you call this....?'
*Holds up my bundle of smudge*
'I would call it sage and sweetgrass....'
'Sweetgrass, lemme see that there sweetgrass mam...'
'You are holding it right now...see the braid...'
*sniffs braid...
*I chuckle softly
"Ya that's right you smell it.
Generally you burn the sage and sweetgrass together with cedar and tobacco to cleanse the area and the aura......
*He cocks an eyebrow....
'I use a feather to smudge with it...ofcourse just smelling it works too...'
I smile
'Feeling more relaxed already,' I cock an eyebrow?

It was about this point when they asked for the name of the person buying my ticket

I lean over and say 'look, I volunteer healing to clients in terminally ill patients.
I am going to be doing some healing for them...This is a personal family crisis...'

The guy at the computer says 'Mam we're just going to run a background history on you if you don't mind'
I say 'go ahead..'

The guy in front of me now unwraps my little bloodstone ball...
and says "now what would you call this..."
I say "A crystal ball"
*He cocks an eyebrow
"For scrying your future..." I smile
"Bloodstone is also used for blood disorders, clots, stress..etc
It is very grounding, as a matter of fact if you just scry into it a minute, I may just be allowed to see your soul and give you a reading..." I wink
He gives his buddy the*what is this chic for real look
However, he also scries deep into the ball
thank you...
Other guy asks if my last name is some Fredinand or something....
They both eye me suspiciously
I think ohoh...
"Mam do you have a criminal record..."
"No, no criminal record....I say...and no Fredinand...giving off a different last name, that sounds similar, to some affluential family members...'
He calls the other guy over to him, and they stand frowning at the computer.
It is requested I remove my shoes, and socks and any jewellery

"Are you sure you don't have a record that is criminal?"
They give me funny looks.
"No, nothing 'criminal'"
They nod at each other knowingly...
"And your last name is not Fredinand.."
"No it is not Fredinand, It's ****...you can see it right there on my id...."

The one rifling through my stuff is now holding my selenite rods quzzically in my direction.
"Selenite, used for healing..."
When he waits for more I continue...
"I am volunteering for a cancer client...selenite is good for the bones and calcium, arthritic conditions, and cancer...among other things, I hold the two rods together then run them over your aura to create a beam of light...."
"And this?" He holds up a little package wrapped in red bandana...
"A turkey feather." I narrow my eyes
"A turkey feather?"
He looks shocked.
"Yes it is used in healing ceremony...to smudge with the sage and the sweetgrass"
"Oh right, right,"he says...
"What did you say you did for a living?' The gaurd on paper work duty says

"I didn't,"

"You didn't..." the other gaurd says
"I am a Psychic for a living... I work out of Books and Beyond in Kelowna.

Just then he pulls out the rune bag...
I smile and say pull one...
He does. I tell him he has pulled Mannaz, and that he embarking on a journey

The other guy continues to beat around the bush and ask me ludicrous questions...implying maybe I do something interesting with my spare time. So I pull out a letter from my lawyer...
He says "What's this?"
"A notarized letter from my lawyer stating I am who I say I am and if you have any troubles with me at the border you are welcome to telephone him at home and verify I am who I say I am."
"*** ****e heh?"
He sounds impressed.

"Do you have a business card?" The first guy asks.
"No. I am here for a personal matter it is not business related"

"Who did you say your immediate family was?"
I figure **** is a bad option.
Again, I refer to more affluent family members, predominantly an uncle with his 33 1/3rd, freemason and bigwig.

"Then how can we tell you are who you say you are, Mam?" The first guy asks.
"By the paper work I have already handed you." I say flatly narrowing my eyes.
He does not look impressed...
I take hold of my bloodstone ball, and proceed to read his aura, telling him about the colors I am seeing and how he is weak right now in the left shoulder blade and in the right knee, the arguements he has been having with his wife, and how they are affecting his two young children, especially the son, however he has been alienating his daughter, and she is withdrawing from him...
I go on to tell him how he will be journeying within the weeksend to see his sick mother, and that he is starting to have a life crisis, and doesn't know what to do.
Then I tell him the answer to that question would cost him $65/hr if he cared to come and see me at my work place.

I have watched him go blanch and colorless, and he is now staring at me with his jaw open

"Does that answer your question sir?"
"I would say that will do" he says.

The other guy looks at me and says "Mama, would you say you are associated with wealth?"

I say, "If that will get me across the border, sure, I would say I am associated with wealth."

Well that was the end of the interogation, it was all apologies and they helped me repack my stuff, and ushered me along, through the rest of security, going ahead of me, and calling me 'The Lady" and saying they had kept me long enough, they even carried my bags.

That my friends is Homeland Security.
And what did I learn, from that reading?
That they are just people, like you and I, people who are doing a job, but a whole lot more brainwashed in their society.

The Seattle airport is in itself something straight out of George Orwell's Brave New World, with security and gaurds and electronic systems repeating orders over and over again to you.
It was a little insane
I can't believe they let me in!
Of all people.


Blogger setirsera said...

what no minority report?!

glad to see your back home safe and sound from visiting Rome.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Duilliath Siondrake said...

HEH :) ..Rome

Fukin romans..

8:25 PM  
Blogger Nephilim said...


What a delightful interpretation
You have just pegged what
wiggles me the wrong way

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