Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Look. she's standing, just right there
She who sold her self, and fell so hard...
Spotlight eyes, and starstruck glare
Wishing less that she can hide behind
That stare in your eyes

Falling back, across the mud rain gliding
Deep neath anothers view in time
Innocence cast pure light freeing
Till another man twists the ryhme
And Why...oh why?

Cause he's threatened by you
and he's lost his mind..
But you just keeping holdin him true.
Spread the lie, and that's all fine
After all what would a white girl do?

Lost I am back in a time...
When you were free to be you!
Scarlet whore or beggar dime
Free to be you!
Honored so the crowd sublime
Now once you know it was you!
Christian dogma for the blind
Still beautiful, you
Twisted view, so far behind
Great Beautiful you
Scarlet whore, Goddess in time
Great Beautiful you
Peasant King and freedom mine
Freein the view....
Once upon a time.

The poem that inspired this one can be found
It was beautiful, and well written, and well thought out....but so like a slap in the face to everything I see in the being who is the author...that this is all I could think of to respond.
Sry M if this insults you...but I did like your poem


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