Thursday, January 28, 2010

The roses so white, in winter they bloom,
Her lips a dark red, her cherry perfume.
Innocent blood lust all intervined.
A wild thing from the forest,
Parading as tame.
A creature, enticing as any I've seen
Ladies and gentlemen,
Let me introduce
My Queen

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Soft cherry scent,
Moonglow, against fishnet
laughter in the air.
A tiny little collar,
cute the little bell.
And she wriggles just so sweetly
anime eyes
anime blink.

How am I to resist
This cutest of all kittens
How do I say no?
nestled in so softly,
Beside me.
with slight touch,
Cherry scent.
So soft,
So soothing,
So dark,
So content.
So much easier,
isn't it,
just to fall,
into this,

Monday, January 25, 2010

I crave you, his soul sang
and his heart knew.
I have longed you
I don't want to just be you don't you understand
I want to be inside you.
Soft scented velvet,
Caress, so soft,
A master already,
In her youth.
Trying for logic,
but failin the while.
This soft scented youth

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Walk Off Into The Sunset

He looked her in the eye.
I am serious.
If we are to give this a real go,
Forsaking all others.

Look into your heart.
I want all of your love.
There can be no one else.
That is love you take from me.

Not here, nor astral,
nor shadow, nor aethyr,
If I find out, you are skinriding
Through him, I am done.

I will walk off into the sunset,
My dear, and never look back.

The blood ran from her veins.
She went white as a ghost.
'Do you know what you ask of me?'

So she took a full year.
One year, to say goodbye.
To all she has ever loved.
One last kiss, one last touch,

Goodbye, to all her other loves.
And then she proposed.
He hasn't heart enough to compensate...
For all the ones he broke.

Not here, nor astral,
nor shadow, nor aethyr.
If I find out, you are skin riding,
Through him, I am done.

I will walk off into the sunset,
My Dear,
And never look back.

How is this fair?

Stop to think

Did your ever stop to consider, love.
In your moments of passion,
Unbridled love.
Unbridled lust.
Did you ever stop to think.

Did it ever cross your mind, love.
What lines you might have crossed.

Did you ever stop to consider, love.
What consequences you would cost,
Before it was too late.
Before it was done?
Promises spoken, gone in a wink.

Did you ever stop to think, love.
At what point was that reached?

Outside she walks

Darkness and the Moonglow
The witching hour drawing nigh.
Outside she walks alone,
In moonlight.
Shadows dancing at her sides.
Somewhere a distant howl..
Up ahead an owl soars.
Outside she walks alone now.
In moonlight,
With the shadows at her sides.
Just another wounded sparrow.
Lookin for the cave in which she hides.

Rev: Marcus, do you reach out in love to receive Brandy, and choose to share your life with her? Will you promise always to give to her your expression of your ever growing love, will you comfort her, be sensitive to her needs, express your feelings with her, listen to her, put your trust in her, and forsaking all others, be her intimate friend and honor her as your equal partner?

Marcus: I do

Ring Exchange

May these rings be blessed as a symbol of this union. May these two people find the love in each other that all people long for. May they always return to each other and in their togetherness may they establish a home in which many will find a friend.

Marcus, as you place this ring on Brandy's hand, please repeat after me. I take you Brandy, to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer
for poorer, in sickness and, in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.


Ladies and Gentlemen: It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Mr. & Mrs. Marcus McNeill

Some of us never broke those vows.
Some of us love, lasted longer then a month.
And to some of us, our vows meant everything.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweet and so delicious,
So subtle and divine.
Swirling through the veins,
on razors edge,
both fire and ice,in one.
Hollow ripples, cutting, cutting their way outside from in.
Beware of the roses,
beware my love.
the thorns.