Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Finances, downtrodden, misplaced..
What is it I do not like about you?
You are a ridiculous measure of ludicrous worth.
I do not understand the monetary system.
I feel bogged down under this earth of swampy decay.
Filth and Shit surround me.
And I just want to say...
This is unacceptable to me.

In my heart I am flying free, unfounded, untethered by your game.
I let Now, my reality free...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Blessed peace fulfill me as we ebb upon this tide
Night’s soft touch surround me, in tender romance
Of quiet things and sacred moments and Zen mind
Slip away my worries, one by one, and replace all my woes
Upon a mantle, of sweet laughter
The melody, most blessed to my ears.
Softly, sweetly, singing, the voices of morning, and sweet crows heralding dawn.
Magpies in the mountain,
And Raven, sweet Raven, rise sturdily, from the North.
Northern Winds are Risen Lord,
Sacred upon this mountain top, it reminds us, of stability,
Both ancient and hidden,
Wisdom, stored, deep neath the earthen rock,
And past the stormy dark weather and earthen moss of our forests call.

Mighty are we, the forgotten
And the meek ye say shall inherit the earth…
Couldn’t be much more meek then this, down trodden, desoiled, foddered forest floor
Dark moisture, slow rot decay, drifted away into the thoughts, the memories…
The birds and the bees
Young nestlings, just hatching, and ancient cackling streams…
Long time forgotten,
We fell here, deep through Leth and the forget.
We fell here, drifted softly, dispersed, one tiny refraction, in your very atoms.
Leaves, Horn, Hoof and Shoe.
Now again we awaken, and hearken to that of the mother to us all.
Hearken to the heartbeat, quick drumbeat, and the race of our Fathers call.
The times are ancient, forgotten, lost past a great wall,
Of empty, dark vast peaceful abyss…

And yet her scabs cry out to us all

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Look. she's standing, just right there
She who sold her self, and fell so hard...
Spotlight eyes, and starstruck glare
Wishing less that she can hide behind
That stare in your eyes

Falling back, across the mud rain gliding
Deep neath anothers view in time
Innocence cast pure light freeing
Till another man twists the ryhme
And Why...oh why?

Cause he's threatened by you
and he's lost his mind..
But you just keeping holdin him true.
Spread the lie, and that's all fine
After all what would a white girl do?

Lost I am back in a time...
When you were free to be you!
Scarlet whore or beggar dime
Free to be you!
Honored so the crowd sublime
Now once you know it was you!
Christian dogma for the blind
Still beautiful, you
Twisted view, so far behind
Great Beautiful you
Scarlet whore, Goddess in time
Great Beautiful you
Peasant King and freedom mine
Freein the view....
Once upon a time.

The poem that inspired this one can be found http://www.thirdisite.blogspot.com/
It was beautiful, and well written, and well thought out....but so like a slap in the face to everything I see in the being who is the author...that this is all I could think of to respond.
Sry M if this insults you...but I did like your poem

Thursday, February 02, 2006

One Last Time

copywrite Drakkeal inc

Slippin' away inside tomorrow
...inside tomorrow...
Gonna look into your eyes One Last Time....
Just for tonight.

Don't let me waste forever sorrow
...Forever Sorrow...
i'm looking deep inside tonight
I'm asking honesty from you....
...I'm looking deep down inside...
Into your eyes
...One Last Time...

Wanted so long
...You know it's stormy in here?...
Wasted so long Wasted my Time
...Wasted away in scheadow...
Wasting my time
Wasting my Time
Inside tonight
...One Last Time...

They always said
...Thought you'd posioned my mind...
Honey it ain't Time
...Loosing my Mind...
Goin in Blind.

Honey this just ain't right
Your posioned inside
...Till all thoughts are blind...

I'm gonna open the door
Honey open the door
...One Last Time...
One Last Time.
One Last Time
...Open the Door...
Baby one last time

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I suppose it is obvious and needn't be said the poem is a four part harmony....