Wednesday, December 30, 2009

He sang to me as he used too.
A million lifetimes ago.
He lulled me and stroked my hair.
He wishes too it were differently,
And I know it
Am I wrong in this decision?
Am I throwing it all to the wind.
One last time I break his heart.
I promise I won't do it again.
Final Goodbyes so sad,
so sweet.
But there is nothing left now.
Except for this defeat.
I am tired.
I have been all along

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Wonder

When last did he visit here, see it and softly smile
If he'd taken the time, to notice me
He'd have known all the while.
You'll be back he says to me
Says it with a smile.
Just a little hissy fit,
I've known all the while.
But if he really cared,
if he was really ever there at all
Then he would of known,
And this wouldn't be our final fall
Can I stick to my guns and hold my ground?
I've been the Slave so long now.
So when last did you dare come to see me,
Here where I live, my corner of fantasy.
Your wife cries as she sees me
drowning in her misery
Oephelia, on her knees
Begging you please.
But I know that look, in your eye
The one where Oephelia Dies
And it meant not a thing to me, then.
My Karma is served.
I Am Free.
You've run out of things,

to haunt and torture me.
And now that she has unlocked that key...
But you didn't want to know
written in stone
already prophesied
love like disease
Sheer posion he breathes
Don't you dare he says,
But I'm already damned anyhow...
Baby don't you see?
Every King and every Queen...
Every prophet poet priest sings
Its me for the final fall.
I am he...