Monday, December 01, 2008

Skin shivers,
As Goosebumps of flesh,
upon feather touch,
leather chains and bindings,
darkness, all that can be seen,
cry out for me,
there's a good girl,
and I shall lick clean,
the tears you cry,
the blood you shed,
the sacrifice,
so simple,
Death surrounds you, bringing in changes in the air.
Letting go of this one lifetime which you hold to.
And with each goodbye a new door is born.
Welcome home.
And love blows once agian in the breeze, letting go of all it sees,
Forgetting on the where and when,
ready to feel the healing again.
I worship you my lady please, accept this offering upon my knees.
Whispers on the windowsill speak to me of you
Of crossed up lines and before times
And gentle petals on the wind
Dramatic times and growing vines
And whispers of Amens.
As Gods we walked the distant shores
History failed to record.
The truth it bore on foreign shores,
Fed to the wolves at best.
What? Why feed me this today.
A slap in the face, a missed place race
A forgotten dream and failed attempt.
Don't mind me, ironically, for I've nothing left to vent.