Monday, January 30, 2006

Wow, it most definetly has been a while since my last post.
I dedicate this one to he of many names then, who has begun requesting I pay attention to my blog once again.

Forever lost neath this sweet sorrow,
Times cursed to marching forward still.
One last glimpse,
Face the morrow,
What destiny might not yet yield...

I've lost so,
Ny ability to hide,
so deep neath darkened shadow...
Something shines to deep,
deep down inside

Compelled foreward, another Morrow
Destinies swirling again..
Dare I rise,
Give up the disguise?
Do I face true life yet once again...

A world so lost, in silent hate, fetid rot
Stench of man...
A hero? Reborn?
Repent on this ye Man.

Destiny swirls, ride forth to Morrow...
An Abyssmal ride ahead
Gateways crushed,
Pathways dust
Charged forward in ever fevered race.

I demand for once your promise.
Make this worth my time.