Monday, September 19, 2005


Poetry writing...
Beautiful art left unsaved,
That's when system crashed...

Ahhh the fine living of computer life...
Remember, folks the first Apple IIC?
It came out when I was in grade school
Save every ten minutes we were taught
Silly me.

I got so wound up in a beautiful creation of art, 7 quatrains, each color of the chakra,
talking about the beautiful mysteries of life,
and how the most beautiful things were so fragile,
so subtle,
one wrong move and they are lost

Aaaaahhhh sweet blessed, bitter irony,
As usual, you have struck my life once again

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Lost it all searching for something that could not be followed,
Left behind a past I care to hide
Followed truth and light and justice,
Followed past when all light had died
Just look at me, this misery
Is this the best I am
Another time another world It's different
And you are here just holding my hand

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


On a recent question, posed on a friend of mines blog site....

Why does Bush want to make blogging illegal?

I began to answer this question there, but quickly realized that I had much too much to say on the subject, so I shall repeat the issue here...

Bush desires to make EVERYTHING illegal, and under the control of homeland security, which is a very bad thing indeed.
Bush's actions over the past several years have been absolutely attrocious indeed...
(to hell with those of you from M's blog, and same to your spelling and gramar...lmao)
His continued focus, on attitudes and actions, with continued widespread severity and devastation, to both the body of our planet, and the mindrape of our populations is out of control

Bush's cabinet, continues along it's journey, in a hitlaristic fashion, which Canadians now fall prey too.
Not only has this outrageous adminsitration, been insistant upon parading it's own country along this vile journey, but he has recently announced his ability, to Impose American legislations, and laws, upon other countries too.
This has been most recently displayed, through such acts, as the recent announcement, that inspite of the fact it may be legal in your country....
If you do something on the internet, that they don't like, they can come to your home, in your country, and arrest you, taking you back to the states for interrogation, and for a call to the falsified justice of their country.
If you find this hard to believe, then go ahead and ask Marc Emery
He was just deported by the FBI from his own country.
Canada, the home of the Brave.
I myself have suffered multiple abuses, outlawed back in the day of slavery, at the hands of my Canadian federal and provincial government.
I believe it was made clear that it was because of the things like this which I have to say.
I remind you of a not so distant past, when voices echoed in America
Witch! They cried.
Witch! They said
In Germany, the word was JEW
Today it is AL Qaeda

I am a Canadian FREEMAN I say...

But how long before I too am called Al Qaeda...

I guess you will know it has happened when I too have been arrested and deported, to be held trial, for breaking a law, that does not even exist from where I am, at the time when I completely discontinue this blog

And knowing how loosely fit American Courts now hold the word Al Qaeda, even The Word Freedom on your website is enough.

Anyhow, onto the post I recently made in response to said friends question:

Bush wants to make everything illegal, because bush wants sheep and blind men for fools.
Man however, can take the full fall for this situation,
As the situation is not invested in him.
He is but a man, in wolf's clothing, as lost and frightened and feeling out of control as the rest of us, doing the best he can, for he represents, not one person but the whole.
As such, Man, however, can take the full fall for this situation,
As it is on the individual level,
Where one chooses the blind dreams of the sheep (go back to sleep)
Therefor this man (Bush) is nothing
Naught but a reflection of a world full of shelless, hollow souls (go back to sleep)
Shelless hollow souls, looking to feed themselves, with all that is missing in man.
And for as long as man buys into such an illusion.
Man is choosing to be here and suffering this fate.
For Bush is a reflection only, just a looking glass, of all you hold ugly within you.
With all you will not face.

To the vast populations of our planet,
I say to you this:

What happened to one Man,
Standing alone against all others
And saying...
Thank you Bush,
But I've another date.
It is with a Man named dignity
And honor
And respect
A man named FREEDOM, Mr. Bush
A man who, no matter how many times,
you kill him
you beat him
you drown him
you burn him, hang him, fry him
or nail him to a cross

He just will not die, Mr. Bush

And in each and every generation
Every way and time
He rises, yet again,
to confront those you represent

Each and every age, timeless, as the very games you are playing
He shall rise
And he shall spread his wings, Mr. President...
And soar

His voice, reaching across the populace, beaten to submission all around
He speaks amongst the poor, and bedraggled
the starving.
the weak
The peasantry, which you laugh at, as they die across your feet.
He speaks across the "free" man and the ignorant,
The greater and greater your defeat.

Bush is just another fool
Lost to a greater Foe
But to the people, to You.
To those who leave a man like this in control
I say to you
You are inviting your own personal apocalypse...
You have already sealed your doom

And New Orleans...The City of Sin as they now say,
And home of old Voodoo Kings
Will not forget the day Canada came to their aid,
Before their own country
The spirits buried, for centuries behind those gates
It is time, yes, that these ghost have awoke?

Please dear visitors, feel free to comment

Friday, September 02, 2005

Whirlwinds chaos driven
Rotting corpses at my feet
Dreams left disposed of