Saturday, January 31, 2009

Throw myself, from you tower,
Make you see my pain.
Throw myself, from you tower,
Live it all again.
You are so angry with me,
Over things that aren't here and now.
You had so much to show me.
You took it all from me somehow.
Crashed myself on your rocky shore
Just once too often my friend.
Crashed myself on your rocky shore,
Till nothing was left to end.
White wedding dancing, hopes and dreams,
The eyes of a little girl, and all she ever dreamed.
It's happening, it's happening, it's happening for me.
A chance to make a difference. A chance to heal the pain.
A chance at new beginnings, to let go of all old pains.
But now?
It's just another shadow, a cornerstone you see,
Something that got swept along, and doesn't mean that much to me.
Three months of a fairytale, no happily ever after meant for me.
Three months of a fairytale then the end for me.
The guides they have all spoken and the way through has been made clear.
Six months with which to heal this, oh god home is drawing near.
Fought so hard this lifetime, to heal from the past.
Fought so hard this lifetime, but cannot make it last.
Three months was all it took now, to destroy all hopes and dreams.
Six months is all they give now...
Goodbye once again.
Drifting, drifting softly, slowly, like a snowflake,
I fall further away. Each day, don't stray
Don't know where to go with this empty hole inside my soul
Drifting away, facing the darkness, but it just makes
Me want to let go of you, how do I get back now,
To where we were before?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sad, so sad,
softly the sorrow consumes me.
You want me back, on the right path,
But how do I find it now?
All I see, is death and betrayal,
Each and every way I turn.
All I see is a planet in turmoil,
Can you hear me?
Where is my Angel to guide me home?
Can you hear me?
I'm lost out here in a void.
In the Void.
Once upon a time, I ,
thought I knew the way.
Now no matter where I go,
Seems I am just led astray.
Where were you, when I needed you,
And I woke up all alone?
Where were you when I gave to you,
Another woman, right in my home


It is disheartening to say, only a few months later, that our second beloved lizard has passed away as well, tho I could find a logical explanation, given the weird metaphysical circumstances surrounding his death, I am prone to believe, he took a blow for me.
Sadly, I could feel him calling as he did not want to die,
and I pray to whatever gods still hear me, that he be brought back in a new life soon.
I am sorry Derek, I did my very best,
and for a short while, you were not just my best friend, but a life line, thank you for your company, and blessed be.