Friday, July 14, 2006

The Dove takes flight, halfway across a country,
young in flight behind her,
Fear follows fast, is it real, or imagined,
One can never know...
Courage, like a tiger, ready and raw,
To face the tomorrows,
And relying on things, and codes, long since gone to mankind...
Has the magick come back enough now?
Or is she as doomed as those,
Who fought once, so hard,
To keep the code, and the influence,
So long lost since Rome...
And yet, Dawn is coming, just behind that bend
Just a little while longer,
She hangs on, her wings outstretched,
And carrying those, too small to upkeep her pace
She tires, as she runs,
But never lets go...
Hanging on, for the warmth of the sun,
And the love of the gods,
That wait, just inside tomorrows reach,
Where she shall find her safe haven
Believing in dreams